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Carnivores in the Classroom Lesson Plans

Resources created by previous Carnivores in the Classroom grant recipients

We hope you utilize these resources and make them your own. Teachers know their students the best. That is why we have left the documents as editable PowerPoint and Word documents. We encourage you to edit them, add your own name, and share the wonderful world of carnivorous plants with your students.

Grades K-5 Lessons

Carnivorous Plant Ad Worksheet - PowerPoint
Carnivorous Plant Ad Worksheet - PDF

Carnivorous Plant Grant Project - PowerPoint

NASA Carnivorous Plants - PowerPoint
NASA Carnivorous Plants - PDF

SEL Whats Your Carnivorous Plant Personality - PowerPoint

Grades 6-8 Lessons

Carnivorous Plants - PowerPoint

Carnivorous Plants Introduction Teacher A - PowerPoint
Carnivorous Plants Introduction Student Research B - PowerPoint

Kennismaking Met Vleesetende Planten - Dutch - PowerPoint

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration - PowerPoint

Plants are Cool - PowerPoint

Grades 9-12 Lessons

Amazing Attributes of Carnivorous Plants - PowerPoint

Bog or Terrarium Assessment - PowerPoint

CP - 10th Grade Bio - PowerPoint

Carnivorous Plant - PowerPoint

Carnivorous Plants Inquiry - PowerPoint
Carnivorous Plants Inquiry - Word

Carnivorous Plants Project - PowerPoint
Carnivorous Plants Project Student Worksheet - PDF

Convergent Evolution - PowerPoint

Exploring Photosynthesis & Evolutionary Adaptations - Using Carnivorous Plants in AP Biology - PowerPoint

Following Footsteps of Darwin - PowerPoint
Following Footsteps of Darwin - Carnivorous Plant Experiment Proposal - Word
Following Footsteps of Darwin - Independent Project Rubric Carnivorous Plant Project - Word

Fruit Fly Problem - PowerPoint
Fruit Fly Problem - PDF

ICPS Grant Proposal 2023 - PowerPoint

That Plant Does What? - PowerPoint