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Carnivorous Plant Diseases, Pests, and Cures with Damon Collingsworth

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets aphids! Learn how to get your plants back to happy and healthy when something goes wrong. Carnivorous Plant Diseases, Pests, and Cures with presented by Damon Collingsworth, owner and manager of California Carnivores.




Growing Byblis (carnivorous rainbow plants) successfully with John Ende

It’s fair to say that Byblis has rarely been seen as much more than a knock off Drosera to most hobbyist. The rather difficult process of germination and seemingly decreased viability of selfed seeded plants after several generations has lead to the genus being rare in cultivation.

Join John Ende as he describes his nine year journey in cultivating the genus. Expect to learn about asexually reproduction for all species, common diseases and pests, and advanced cultivation techniques that can turn a Byblis into a small bush.