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Taxonomy is a formal system of assigning names to organisms. Nature is messy and people can disagree. The dramas of taxonomy can provide endless amusement.

Drosera indica Species Complex

There are at least 11 species in the Drosera indica species complex. Who knew?

Drosera peltata Species Complex

Why is it that our view of the Drosera peltata species complex keeps changing and may continue to change?

Drosera spatulata Species Complex

This species complex is in desperate need of an in-depth study.

Guide to the Pygmy Drosera

Descriptions and photos of all pygmy Drosera species.

An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala

Descriptions and photos of all wooly Drosera species and some unnamed taxa.

An account of Nepenthes of Vietnam

Descriptions and photos of the Nepenthes species found in Vietnam.

An account of Drosera section Prolifera

Descriptions and photos of the Four Sisters of Queensland, Australia.

An account of the antennae-flowered Utricularia

Descriptions and photos of the antennae-flowered Utricularia of northern Australia.


Carnivorous Plant Names Database is located at

Compendium of all published carnivorous plant names with notes on the validity of the names.

Visit CP Names Database

Carnivorous plant species and cultivars published in CPN

Species described in CPN     Cultivars described in CPN

The Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder at is a useful resource.

The identity of each image is provided by the image owner. There is no guarantee the images are correctly identified.

Seed Bank seed images can be used to verify identities.

Drosera Seed Images

CP Seed Images other than Drosera


Carnivorous Plant taxonomy and why we should care

AurĂ©lien Bour, botanist & scientific curator at Jardin des plantes de Nantes, Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France, explains about plant naming conventions.