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What are Carnivorous Plants?

The plant world is full of remarkable adaptations. There are more than 400,000 species of plants and a small percentage of those have evolved a carnivorous adaptation! Learn their unique trapping mechanisms, and what plant has the largest trap.


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How to Grow Carnivorous Plants Indoors

Carnivorous plants’ colors, shapes, and feeding habits are mesmerizing. One problem of growing them in your home is that some carnivorous plants go dormant and many grow in full sun or in bright light. First, we will explore plants that fine placed on a sunny windowsill. We will then talk briefly about grow lights and terrariums.


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How to Grow Carnivorous Plants Outdoors

Adding carnivorous plants to your sunny patio, vegetable garden or by the chicken coop will add appealing colors and textures to your backyard. Learn how to grow carnivorous plants in a variety of outdoor environments.


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How to Acclimate Carnivorous Plants to Your Home

Growing carnivorous plants is trending! Plants may be available at area plant sales, but you will likely venture into ordering online. Once you receive your plants you will need to acclimate them or adjust them to your growing conditions to ensure your plants thrive. Learn how to acclimate carnivorous plants to your home.


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How to Feed Indoor Venus flytraps

Seeing carnivorous plants trap and digest insects entertains children – and adults – for hours. For plants grown outside and in greenhouses, they will eat a lot of prey on their own. For gardeners choosing to grow plants indoors the buffet options are limited. Venus flytraps need to eat often to stay healthy and grow. Feed Venus flytraps live food or trick the plant into thinking the food is alive!


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