International Carnivorous Plant Society

Historic Documents

Historic Documents on this website

  • The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter of Australia was published and edited by Ken and Susan Hatley of West Australia from June 1979 until March 1981.
  • The International Pinguicula Study Group was an organization active in the 1990's dedicated to furthering the knowledge of Pinguicula and promoting its popularity in cultivation. They issued ten newsletters.
  • Bob Hanrahan started World Insectivorous Plants (WIP) with his business partner Clark Barton in 1978. At the time WIP was unique. They propagated all of the plants they sold. Nothing was taken out of the wild!

    The WIP catalogs were treasured by carnivorous plant enthusiasts for the drawings and cultivation information. The 1986 catalog is an example. For more information about WIP see

    Hanrahan, Bob (1988) A Summary of WIP's Past & Future Directives. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 17(2):56-57 (PDF)


Historic Documents on other web sites

  • Charles Darwin, Insectivorous plants, is available from Darwin-online as scan image, text and PDF.

    Darwin, Charles. 1875. Insectivorous plants. London: John Murray. 
    Darwin, Charles. 1875. Insectivorous plants. New York: D. Appleton
    Darwin, Charles. 1888. Insectivorous plants. 2d ed. Revised by Francis Darwin. London: John Murray.
    Darwin, Charles. 1877. Les plantes insectivores.
    Darwin, Charles. 1876. Insectenfressende Pflanzen.

  • Karl Goebel's classic studies of carnivorous plants can be read in Google Books (in archaic formal German) and downloaded as text and PDF. Pflanzenbiologische Schilderungen, Part 2, is divided across two issues with the first issue dated 1891 and the second issue dated 1893. Section 5, Insektivoren, is on pages 51-160 (1891 issue) and 161-214 (1893 issue) with plates following page 160 (1891 issue) and plate descriptions on pages 383-385 (1893 issue).

    Goebel, Karl. 1891, 1983. Pflanzenbiologische Schilderungen. Part 2. Marburg.

  • Julius Bouch√©, Die insectenfressenden Pflanzen. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte und Cultur derselben, 1884, in German with a Fraktur typeface can be viewed on-line and downloaded at HathiTrust Digital Library.
  • Benedictus Hubertus Danser, The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies, 1928, as transcribed by Arthur Lauffenburger, hypertext conversion by Rick Walker on Rick's web site.
  • Francis Ernest Lloyd, The Carnivorous Plants, published in 1942 is a classic, descriptive work. The books is back in print but it can be viewed on-line and downloaded at HathiTrust Digital Library.
  • A.A. Obermeyer, Droseraceae, in Robert Allen Dyer, L.E.W. Codd, Hedley Brian Rycroft, The Flora of Southern Africa, Vol. 13, 1970. Key and species descriptions.