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The International Carnivorous Plant Society conferences occur in even numbered years on a world-spanning schedule. The rotation is North or South America (2018, 2024) / Asia, Australia, or New Zealand (2020, 2026) / Europe, Middle East, or Africa (2016, 2022). The conferences are organized by local members and their local societies. The board of directors of the ICPS puts out a call for proposals two years in advance of a conference.

To aid organizers the ICPS maintains a Conference Manual to assist conference organizers.


Conference 2020

The 13th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference will be held in Himeji, Japan, on May 22-24, 2020. The Conference is sponsored by by the Japanese Carnivorous Plant Society (JCPS) with the cooperation of the Kansai Carnivorous Plant Society (KCPS), the Tokai Carnivorous Plant Society (TCPS) and the Hiroshima Carnivorous Plant Society (HCPS).


The 13th ICPS Conference - Japan has been postponed one year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We now plan to hold the conference in May 2021. However, we may need to reconsider the date depending on future world-wide medical advice.

If the conference can be held in May 2021, the location will be Himeji, Japan, and the program, including the botanic garden tour and the field trips, will be almost the same as planned for 2020. We will try to change the venue from Biz Space to the Himeji Civic Hall, which is within walking distance of Himeji station and is much more appropriate for the international conference. Alternatively, “I-Messae” Auditorium in front of Himeji Castle may be used.

We will keep everyone updated and hope to see many researchers and enthusiasts of carnivorous plants in Himeji, Japan, in May 2021.

KOJI KONDO on behalf of the conference organizer team


ICPS Photo Contest 2020

Conference 2018

The 12th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference was held 3 to 5 August 2018 in Santa Rosa, California, USA. The Conference was sponsored by the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society and California Carnivores. Then from 7 to 10 August, a field trip went to northwestern California and southwestern Oregon to see Darlingtonia californicaPinguicula macroceras, and associated ecosystems.

ICPS Conference 2018, Santa Rosa, California

ICPS Conference 2018 Videos

ICPS 2018 Grand Expedition in California and Oregon

Conference 2016

The 11th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference was held 5 to 7 August 2016 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK. The conference was sponsored by The Carnivorous Plant Society. There were local field trips to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, the New Forest area in Hampshire, and Dorset.


Conference 2014

The 10th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference was held 18-20 July 2014 in Cairns, Australia. The conference was sponsored by The Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, The Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society, and The Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society and hosted at the The Cairns Botanic Gardens. There was a local field trip to Mount Bartle Frere and an extened field trip to the tip of Cape York.

Conference 2012

The 9th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference was sponsored by the New England Carnivorous Plant Society. The conference was held August 11-13, 2012 in Seekonk, Massachusetts, USA. There was a local field trip and an extended field trip to North Carolina.


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Conference 2010

Carnivora, the Dutch Carnivorous Plant Society and the Hortus Botanicus Leiden, the Leiden botanical gardens sponsored the 8th International Carnivorous Plant Society conference in Leiden, The Netherlands, 6-8 August 2010.

ICPS Conference 2010 Videos

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Conference 2008

The 7th International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference, supported by the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society, was held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia, 25-30 September 2008.


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Conference 2006

The Department of Biology and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Frostburg State University hosted the 6th International Carnivorous Plant Congress in Maryland, USA, 1-5 June 2006. 


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Conference 2004

Dionée, Association Française des Amateurs de Plantes Carnivores and Jardin Botanique, Parc de la Tête d’Or, Ville de Lyon, hosted the 5th International Carnivorous Plant Congress in Lyon, France, 17-21 June 2004. Conference Presentation Abstracts (PDF).

Lyon 2004 cover

Conference 2002

The Japanese Insectivorous Plant Society sponsored the 4th ICPS conference at the National Science Museum, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 21-23 June, 2002. Full Conference Proceedings (56MB PDF). 


Japan 2002

Conference 2000

The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (BACPS) and the Northern California Carnivorous Plant Society (NCCPS) hosted the 2000 ICPS conference at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, Friday, June, 16th through Sunday, June 18th, 2000. Conference Proceedings (PDF).

ICPS Conference 2000 Videos

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Conference 1998

The 2nd ICPS Conference was held at the Botanical Gardens in the University of Bonn, Germany, 30 May - 1 June 1998. Full Conference Proceedings (PDF).




Conference 1997

The 1st International Carnivorous Plant Congress was hosted by the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 16-18 May 1997. Summary in CPN (PDF).