International Carnivorous Plant Society

ICPS Conference 2010 Videos

The ICPS Conference 2010 was at the Hortus Botanicus Leiden in Leiden, The Netherlands, 6-8 August 2010. The conference was sponsored by Carnivora, the Dutch Carnivorous Plant Society, and Hortus Botanicus Leiden.


Conference Opening by Paul Kessler.

Opening of the 2010 ICPS conference by Paul Kessler of the Hortus Botanicus Leiden.


Andreas Fleischmann on South African Drosera and Roridula.

Andreas Fleischmann presents the Drosera and Roridula of South Africa.


Francois Mey on Nepenthes of Indochina

Nepenthes expert Francois Mey talks about the Nepenthes species of Indochina.


Adrian Wartono on Nepenthes of Java.

Java is not the first Indonesian island you might think of when talking Nepenthes. Adrian Wartono shows the beauty of the species of his home island.


Fernando Rivadavia on Genlisea Phylogeny.

Everything you always wanted to know about Genlisea.


Allen Lowrie on Australian Byblis.

Author and planthunter Allen Lowrie on the Byblis of his homeland.


Stewart McPherson on The disvovery of carnivorous plants.

Author, explorer and publisher Stewart McPherson talks about the dicovery of carnivorous plants.


Stewart McPherson on Nepenthes of the Philippines.

Stewart McPherson talks about the Nepenthes species of the Philippines.


Madeleine Groves on conservation of carnivorous plants.

Madeleine Groves tells about conservation, the rules and regulations and the role botanical gardens can play.


Gert Hoogenstrijd on Table Mountains of Venezuela.

Gert Hoogenstrijd, explorer and owner of plantshop Araflora ( presents his travels to Venezuela. As this lectures uses slides and our esteemed speaker walked regularly away from the microphone this video is of a different quality than the other video's in this series for which we apologize but it is very much worth watching.


Robert Cantley on Nepenthes conservation through cultivation.

Robert Cantley and Diana Williams operate the largest Nepenthes nursery in the world, Borneo Exotics ( In this lecture the outline the important role cultivation and raising public awareness has for the conservation of Nepenthes.


Closing Discussion

Registration of the discussion about conservation, research, plant collecting and trade as the closing session of the 2010 ICPS conference.