International Carnivorous Plant Society

ICPS Conference 2018 Videos

The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society (BACPS) and California Carnivores hosted the ICPS Conference 2018 in Santa Rosa, California. The Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society and the San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society provided support.

These videos were filmed and produced by videographer Shelby Martin.


Day 1 — 3 August 2018

Welcome by Damon Collingsworth and keynote talk by Peter D'Amato.

Peter D'Amato reminisced about the joys of discovery and the not so good old days of being a carnivorous plant fanatic.


Carnivorous Plant Flower Ecology. Andreas Fleischmann

Andreas Fleischmann talked about general flower ecology focusing on pollinator/prey conflicts in carnivorous plants.  


Does Cultivation Undermine Conservation? Drew Martinez

Drew Martinez presented a discussion of where cultivation fits in to conservation and where it does not fit in.


Day 2 — 4 August 2018

How do Sarracenia Avoid Eating Their Pollinators? Larry Mellichamp

Larry Mellichamp's wide-ranging romp about Sarracenia and other carnivores.


Bladderwort Traps: The Fastest Predators. Ulrike Müller

Ulrike Müller discussed the physics of Utricularia trapping.


Regulation of Enzyme Activities. Andrej Pavlovic

Andrej Pavlovic talked about research on control of chemical signaling affecting enzymes in plants.


Thank You Doris Quick. Damon Collingsworth

A quick thanks to a behind-the-scenes volunteer who made things happen.


The Japanese Nepenthes clipeata Project. Naoki Tanabe

Naoki Tanabe and Koji Kondo presented recent work on Nepenthes clipeata done at the Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center in Kasai, Japan.


Scientific Advances with Darwin's "most wonderful plants in the world". Aaron Ellison

Aaron Ellison talked about newly published information on carnivorous plants.


Drosera Flower Behavior. Robert Gibson

Robert Gibson discussed the floral biology of Drosera.


Thank You Peter D'Amato. Damon Collingsworth and others

Damon Collingsworth and representatives of carnivorous plant groups reminisced with Peter D'Amato about his contributions to growing carnivorous plants.


Day 3 — 5 August 2018

Carnivorous Plant Phylogeny 101. Fernando Rivadavia

Fernando Rivadavia talked about the past, present, and future of phylogenetic studies of carnivorous plants.


Darlingtonia Ecology & Conservation. Jameison Chilton

Jameison Chilton talked about his Darlingtonia research.


Drosera filiformis and Friends: Do Plants Care About "Species"? John Brittnacher

John Brittnacher discussed the Drosera filiformis species complex from an evolutionary perspective.


The Hunt for Nepenthes in Papua. Jeremiah Harris

A travel log of Jeremiah Harris's travels in Papua.


Concluding Remarks. Damon Collingsworth

Damon wraped up the conference thanking all the people who helped make it possible.