International Carnivorous Plant Society

About the ICPS

General information about the International Carnivorous Plant Society

including the ICPS corporate status and mailing address.


ClubExpress handles membership for the ICPS.

ICPS Board of Directors and key volunteers

The ICPS is an all volunteer organization.

ICPS Corporate Information

Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Privacy Policy.

ICPS Store and Seed Bank

Access to the ICPS Store and Seed Bank is member-only.

ICPS Achievement Awards

The awards recognize individuals who have made substantial contributions to the ICPS and to carnivorous plants in general.

ICPS World Conferences

Conferences are held every two years. They can be anywhere on this planet.

ICPS Photo Contests

Members are invited to submit photos for annual photo contests.

World Carnivorous Plant Day

WCPD is the first Wednesday of May.