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An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala

Drosera serpens

Drosera aff. petiolaris from Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo © Richard Nunn.


The wooly sundews are placed in the Drosera section Lasiocephala. The September 2021 issue of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter contained a summary of the species in this section.

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Drosera section Lasiocephala Planchon inhabits far northern Australia in a band that stretches from the Kimberley in the west through the northern part of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland, from north of Cairns to the tip of Cape York, extending across the islands of the Torres Strait and into southern coastal Papua New Guinea. This section comprises the perennial Drosera petiolaris complex species and two erect annual species, the type species for this section is Drosera petiolaris R.Br. ex DC.

Described species and new taxa awaiting formal description covered in the article:

Drosera banksii
Drosera brevicornis
Drosera broomensis
Drosera caduca
Drosera darwinensis
Drosera derbyensis
Drosera dilatatopetiolaris
Drosera falconeri

Drosera fulva
Drosera kenneallyi
Drosera lanata
Drosera ordensis
Drosera paradoxa
Drosera petiolaris
Drosera stipularis
Drosera subtilis

Drosera species from Bigge Island
Drosera species from Tanami Desert
Drosera aff. brevicornis from Kimberley
Drosera aff. lanata from NT
Drosera aff. petiolaris from NT
Drosera aff. petiolaris (Pin cushion)
Drosera aff. paradoxa (Orange flower)
Drosera aff. paradoxa (Swamp form)

Richard Nunn and Allen Lowrie. 2021. An account of Drosera section Lasiocephala. Carniv. Pl. Newslett. 50(3):118-132.

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CPN Volume 1 Number 1

Drosera falconeri in full growth in the Darwin area, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo by R. Nunn.