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Utricularia Phylogeny

Utricularia phylogeny

Figure modified from:

Jobson, R. W., J. Playford, K. M. Cameron, and V. A. Albert (2003) Molecular phylogenetics of Lentibulariaceae inferred from plastid rps16 intron and trnL-F DNA sequences: implications for character evolution and biogeography. Systematic Botany 28, 157 – 171.

with information from:

Rice, Barry A. (2006) Growing Carnivorous Plants. Timber Press, Portland, OR, USA.

To simplify the figure, South America includes all of Latin America and large areas with few species were lumped. Dotted lines are where the species or clade is found in two regions, the red line is used for three or more regions.

The terrestrial habitat is typical for Utricularia. If a species or clade is found in multiple habitats, the primary habitat is shown as the box fill color, the secondary habitat is shown by box border color, if there is a tertiary habitat it is not shown.

If you are color blind, please see Barry Rice's book for locations and habitats.