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Frederica (Rica) Lucy Erickson

Frederica (Rica) Lucy Erickson (1908 – 2009)

Rica Erickson was an Australian, naturalist, botanist, historian, author and teacher. Without any formal scientific training, she wrote extensively on botany and birds, as well as genealogy and general history. Erickson authored ten books, co-authored four, was editor of twelve, and author or co-author of numerous papers and articles that have been printed in popular, scientific and encyclopaedic publications.

In her 1968 volume “Plants of Prey”,  Erickson made the first attempt to consolidate the complete known roster of Australia’s carnivorous plants into one single work, which was at the time the standard on the topic.


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Plants of Prey by Rica Erickson




Rica Erickson

Rica Erickson