Origins of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter

CPN 10(4) December 1981

In 1972, Don Schnell (a pathologist) and Joe Mazrimas (a biochemist) worked together to release Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 1, issue 1. They were soon joined by Leo Song (the manager of the California State University, Fullerton Biological Sciences greenhouse) and for a short time by Larry Mellichamp (a botanist). This eclectic and passionate group molded Carnivorous Plant Newsletter into a high quality, information rich journal.

During the period of 1997-2008, the journal saw a face lift under the editorial leadership of Barry Rice and Jan Schlauer. Steve Baker conducted the page layout. During this time, the journal saw enormous growth in its professional appearance, and many new species were published within its pages. In 2009, Stephen Davis took over the role of managing editor, and will be looking at ways to improve the journal yet again. Barry and Jan will be staying in subordinate editorial roles.

The entire staff is dedicated and works on a volunteer basis. As a result, subscription rates are very low. Usually, special interest societies form and subsequently produce newsletters or journals. But Carnivorous Plant Newsletter has an unusual history and does not fit this mold. The parental organization, the International Carnivorous Plant Society, did not come into being until 1980, the ninth year of the Newsletter's publication. The Society became a non-profit corporation in 2002.

The Drosera petiolaris group as well as Sarracenia alata and a travelog in Brazil by Fernando Rivadavia were featured in CPN 20(4) December 1991 .


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