About the CP E-mail List

The Carnivorous Plant Mailing List is for discussion of carnivorous plants (CP's). Topics of interest to the group include:

  1. Cultivation and Propagation of CP's
  2. Field observations of CP's
  3. Sources of CP material
  4. CP trading between members

With over 1000 members, the information posted can be useful and the debates can be lively.

Another site useful for discussing carnivorous plants is ICPS Forum.


There are now numerous moderated discussion groups available in many languages. These groups are a great place to find out answers to your questions about carnivorous plants, in a friendly environment. A list of other forums is on the ICPS ProBoards web site.

The CP e-mail list is not moderated for content by the ICPS. Opinions posted or discussed on the CP e-mail list or the discussion groups do not necessarily reflect the views of the International Carnivorous Plant Society.



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